MASA Group

Synergy S&T is pleased to partner with MASA Group as we believe its COTS flagship product MASA SWORD (Simulated Wargaming for Operational Readiness and Doctrine) has most of the features and functionalities to meet today and future requirements for the constructive simulation needs in the context of Army Collective training activities.

SWORD is used by more than 17 armies around the world, as well as by many industrial companies and defence agencies.

High level of realism

SWORD immerses brigade and division command post sta in large-scale conflicts, stabilization operations, terrorist threats or natural disasters, providing a broader and more complete training solution that ultimately improves their decision-making capabilities. SWORD simulates an extremely diverse range of situations in highly-realistic environments and, powered by its unique Artificial Intelligence technology, lets trainees lead thousands of autonomous subordinate units on the virtual field.

Adapted to your doctrine

Everything in SWORD can be customized to match the specificity of any doctrine: from vehicle speeds, weapon systems performance and sensor accuracy, through unit composition, basic loads and logistics systems, to unit behaviors and missions.

Automated forces

Platoons and companies in SWORD are intelligent and autonomous. They can receive operation orders and execute them without additional input from the players, while adapting their behavior accordingly as the situation evolves. Such a level of fidelity on combat actions, the operations of battalions, brigades, army divisions and higher, provides commanders and their sta with remarkably reliable simulation exercises.

Multi-site Command Post Exercise

Modern constructive training systems, such as SWORD, provide the flexibility required to conduct command post exercises at all levels, for a complete range of scenarios that can include, for example, conventional warfare, anti-terrorist operations, and disaster management. Despite the built-in capacity of SWORD to permit a drastic reduction in the manpower needed to script and conduct exercises, assembling even modest numbers of participants at a training site can remain problematic. 


SYNERGY is a high-­level decision support system designed to help public and private organizations train their senior staff and officials to react to emergencies, crises and disasters. SYNERGY is a training simulation software that enables tactical and strategic high-­level decision-­makers from public and private organizations to efficiently prepare emergency management scenarios, rehearse procedures and validate emergency plans. Designed to help develop and deploy complex and highly realistic training scenarios and analysis for crisis managers. Adaptive AI for crisis management training MASA’s products and expertise are designed for training, personnel training and plan testing: human intelligence can make the right decisions at the right time.


SWORD integration features enable a tight connection between the C2 and simulation systems through an implementation of Battle Management Language (BML) and Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL) exchanges.

JTLS – SWORD: Multilevel Training Environment

Direct CGF – SWORD: Joint Training Environment

ORQUE – SWORD: Joint Training Environment

VBS – SWORD: COTS Integration



SITAWARE – SWORD – EXONAUT: Integrated Environment of Operational, Simulation and Training applications