MASA Group

Synergy S&T is pleased to partner with MASA Group as we believe its COTS flagship product MASA SWORD (Simulated Wargaming for Operational Readiness and Doctrine) has most of the features and functionalities to meet today and future requirements for the constructive simulation needs in the context of Army Collective training activities.

SWORD is one of the most advanced Wargaming and homeland security simulation software packages available as a COTS offering worldwide. It is a complete wargame solution with automated forces for high-level training and analysis. Furthermore, it embeds a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology Direct AI originally developed within one of the well-recognized scientific research institutions worldwide.

SWORD is in use by the French Army, the Swiss Army, the Brazilian Army, the Peruvian Army, the Ecuadorian Army, the Colombian Army, the New Zealand Army, the Bangladesh Army, NATO and others.  

Besides SWORD MASA Group developes MASA SYNERGY – a high-­level decision support system designed to help public and private organizations train their senior staff and officials to react to emergencies, crises and disasters.SYNERGY is a training simulation software that enables tactical and strategic high-­level decision-­makers from public and private organizations to efficiently prepare emergency management scenarios, rehearse procedures and validate emergency plans. Designed to help develop and deploy complex and highly realistic training scenarios and analysis for crisis managers.

SWORD Integrations

SWORD integration features enable a tight connection between the C2 and simulation systems through an implementation of Battle Management Language (BML) and Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL) exchanges.

JTLS – SWORD: Multilevel Training Environment

Direct CGF – SWORD: Joint Training Environment

ORQUE – SWORD: Joint Training Environment

VBS – SWORD: COTS Integration



SITAWARE – SWORD – EXONAUT: Integrated Environment of Operational, Simulation and Training applications

SWORD and SYNERGY Key advantages

Advanced Simulation

Automated Units



Extensive out-of-the-box content


All-in-one Solution

Easy to deploy and lightweight

COTS Product philosophy