Synergy S&T is pleased to partner with Sky-Skan - a company that creates award-winning technology and content for planetariums, science centers, attractions, and multidisciplinary installations across the globe. Since 1967 Sky-Skan has helped planetariums be awesome and remain relevant. They provide wonderful tools to help the clients inspire and inform learners of all ages. They’ve brought more innovation to the field than any other company.

Digital Planetarium Systems

Synergy S&TThe heart of a Sky-Skan planetarium is DigitalSky – Dark Matter, a cluster-based computing solution that combines programmable science simulation, fulldome video playback, external device control, and show performance control in one elegant, flexible, and powerful user interface.

Named Dark Matter after the mysterious stuff that ties galaxies together into a glittering web. With Dark Matter, you can say goodbye to needing separate computers for planetarium simulation, lighting, show control, and related functions. Dark Matter runs on powerful servers that feature top-quality nVidia graphics acceleration. Sky-Skan servers are industrial-grade units that keep cool and keep working. They run on a special version of Windows that is designed for critical applications.

Into Dark Matter is poured everything learned from serving planetariums and creating programs for over half a century. Sky-scan carefully selects high-quality projectors based on crucial criteria:

  • Image fidelity and stability for cinematic and simulation use
  • Available optics for optimized overlaps = maximum resolution
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Low noise output
  • Long-term serviceability
  • Total life-cycle cost – capital and operating

Why Sky-Skan?

  • Detailed architectural and system design and documentation
  • Superb commissioning, on-boarding, training, and continuing support
  • Splendid star fields and science visualization
  • Detailed spacecraft models and space mission vigniettes
  • Rich, cinema-quality surround sound
  • Great shows, scripts, and curriculum materials
  • Flexible user controls and programming interfaces
  • Manual controls as desired
  • Rolling upgrades that keep a system state-of-the-art
  • Support for external media inputs and 3rd party fulldome apps
  • Colorful, long-lasting, smooth-fading cove lighting

Sky-Skan Show Catalogue

Sky-Skan has an immense content library, and if the fulldome show or giant screen film you want isn’t in there, just let us know and we’ll get it for you. As an added value for clients with Sky-Skan digital systems, slicing and encoding are included in the license fee at no additional charge.

Planetarium Services