Synergy S&T is pleased to partner with Sky-Skan – a company that creates award-winning technology and content for planetariums, science centers, attractions, and multidisciplinary installations across the globe.

Digital Planetarium Systems

The heart of a Sky-Skan planetarium is DigitalSky – Dark Matter, a cluster-based computing solution that combines programmable science simulation, fulldome video playback, external device control, and show performance control in one elegant, flexible, and powerful user interface.

Sky-Skan systems use between one and sixteen video projectors, located at or near the dome center, or out of sight beneath and behind the dome horizon. Sky-scan carefully selects high-quality projectors based on crucial criteria:

  • Image fidelity and stability for cinematic and simulation use
  • Available optics for optimized overlaps = maximum resolution
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Low noise output
  • Long-term serviceability
  • Total life-cycle cost – capital and operating

Into Dark Matter, we’ve poured everything we’ve learned from serving planetariums and creating programs for over half a century. Our heritage as the developer of SPICE Automation, the planetarium world’s multimedia control system of choice in the pre-fulldome era, means that we’ve got show control down to an art.