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Synergy S&T is pleased to partner with 4C Strategies – the leading provider of integrated risk, business continuity and crises management software EXONAUT®.

EXONAUT® is designed to be used by risk managers, compliance officers, CSOs, CISOs and exercise managers to support them in their day to day operations. The reports and dashboards are meant to give senior level management an overview of the current readiness levels (risk exposure, compliance, training status, risks etc). Data capture interfaces are designed to support first line operators with limited or no domain knowledge, by using simple and clear interfaces. Second and thirds line assurance on the other hand has access to intuitive interfaces to slice and dice the data as appropriate for analytical purposes and to drive performance. All activities are supported by workflows and configurable notification rules to ensure that work is performed as intended.

Exonaut is an integrated, end-to-end readiness management platform which enables the organizations to manage incidents, ensure compliance, mitigate risks, maintain business continuity, deliver exercises, and support capability development. Exonaut is continually evolving based on customer feedback and market best practice, to ensure it delivers front line capability in all areas.

Exonaut® solution set up

Exonaut is available either as a SaaS cloud-based solution or an “On Premise” installation. Exonaut® is fully supported with its native app for iOS, Android and Windows, called Observer. Observer allows users to access documents (on or offline), submit data via custom templates (eg. compliance checklists, evaluation criteria), use the interactive map function for geotagging information, and communicate in a secure, encrypted environment.  The data submitted through the Observer app populates Exonaut dashboards in real-time, providing an accurate status overview for risk, compliance, incident and exercise management.

How secure is the information that you enter into Exonaut®?

Exonaut® has its origins within the military domain, so information and IT-security has been the top priority since the start. The Suite has a number of accreditation including for use in NATO Secret and Unclassified networks. Within the system itself, each information item is governed by a granular permission model, ensuring that a logged in user will see exactly what he or she is supposed to, and no more or less. Outside the system, each customer can apply their own chosen level of security, such as specialized encryption solutions and VPN-tunnels. Finally, for extreme security requirements, the entire system can be run in a master/slave configuration, enabling a master server to be kept separated from any attack vectors (internet, airwaves, radio, signals), while selected parts of the configuration can be used in a more open environment for a limited time period. When the required data has been collected, it is then merged with the master server again, without exposing the aggregated data to the outside world at any point in time. The capabilities this provides while maintaining strict information security is found in no other systems in operation today.

How does Exonaut® allow for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

We are committed to protecting  customer’s data. This includes working hard to ensure that processing activities undertaken in Exonaut® comply with applicable data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Most of the customers choose to limit the personal information they process in the system to basic user identification data (such as names, e-mails and passwords) and can rely on our standard solutions for secure processing. Customers who wish to process other categories or types of personal data may need additional layers of security. We work closely with each customer to determine their specific needs with respect to data security, whether they choose our On-premises or SaaS solution. 

Exonaut®’s administrative tool-set allows for compliance with legal obligations relating to the rights of individuals (data subjects), such as deletion of and access to data.

Does Exonaut® come with GIS support?

An important function in Exonaut® is the ability to work with interactive maps and geographic information, especially when dealing with exercises, incidents and crises management. Exonaut® is delivered with multiple map server interfaces to provide for the integration of advance GIS-support both in desktop and mobile applications (for both on- and off-line). Usually our clients with need for GIS functionality already host their own map servers. Thus, instead of creating a parallel GIS system, Exonaut® provides a greater ROI to any investment in a bundled geographic information system.

Can Exonaut® be integrated with a specific system?

Exonaut® has an API which can be used to feed or collect data from other systems. There are a number of standard integrations available for the most common user management (AD) tools, as well as business intelligence tools, military simulators and emergency dispatcher tools to name a few. In addition, if there is a need, unique integration plug-ins can easily be designed and deployed using our extensive integration framework.