Synergy S&T is pleased to partner with Varjo –  the best VR/AR/XR partner for companies in the most demanding industries. Varjo is revolutionizing immersive computing with the world’s most advanced professional VR/XR products. There VR products start a new era of human-eye resolution virtual reality.

Use VR-2 and VR-2 Pro to create, train and run research in the only truly true-to-life VR environment. With human eye-resolution, integrated eye tracking, and unprecedented software support that now includes SteamVR applications, VR-2 and VR-2 Pro allow you to explore and create 3D models, train in realistic environments, and create limitless research scenarios – all with the pixel-perfect clarity that only Varjo can deliver. Furthermore, VR-2 Pro features integrated hand tracking for more intuitive and natural interactions.

The next level of industrial VR starts with Varjo VR-2, featuring human-eye resolution, integrated 20/20 Eye Tracker and support for hundreds of 3D applications including Unity, Unreal Engine, Autodesk VRED, PREPAR3D, and SteamVR content.

Varjo VR-2 and VR-2 Pro are now the first HMDs in the world to support SteamVR content and OpenVR development platform with ultra-high resolutions (up to 40 ppd / 4k rendering per eye). Complete compatibility with professional software tools allows VR-2 and VR-2 Pro supercharge professional workflows by delivering never-before-seen visual fidelity.

Advanced visual fidelity for the most demanding professional VR environments, at a resolution of over 60 ppd (when using native Varjo SDK). With improved peripheral vision and colour consistency, Bionic Display in VR-2 Pro delivers the most natural visual experience and pixel-perfect clarity for exploring high-resolution 3D models and simulations.

There second product, XR-1 Developer Edition, is the world’s only photorealistic mixed reality device. With XR-1, professionals in engineering, design and simulation can develop and interact with photorealistic 3D models while collaborating with others in real life. And they can switch seamlessly between XR and full VR – bringing the benefits of both worlds into one device. That means professionals can test designs in different environments and manipulate their surroundings with pixel-perfect control. XR-1 is a mixed reality developer device for engineers, researchers and designers working on the cutting edge of XR. With photorealistic visual fidelity, ultra-low latency and integrated eye tracking, it’s the only device that can seamlessly blend virtual with reality.

XR-1 is the only device that can track users’ eye movements across photorealistic mixed reality scenarios with sub-degree accuracy, providing valuable user insight to research and development, training and simulation and product design. XR-1’s ultra-low latency image pipeline lets you explore true-to-life digital worlds as natural extensions of the real world – without perceivable lag. Developers can also build depth-aware applications where virtual and real objects interact seamlessly.

VR-2 joins forces with the world’s most powerful 3D engines to transform work in complex and design-driven industries like training and simulation, architecture, engineering and construction, and industrial design.

High-precision training and simulation demands absolute visual fidelity. Because of the poor resolution of VR/XR devices on the market, until now it’s been impossible to effectively train in virtual environments. With the world’s most advanced VR/XR products, Varjo makes it possible to realistically simulate everything from flight training to surgical training. Use Varjo’s human-eye resolution VR/XR devices to speed up the design process, cut prototyping costs, train more effectively, gain deeper insights into human research, and much more – all in an ultra-realistic immersive environment.

Training Comparison image shot through HTC Vive Pro (on the left) vs VR-2 (on the right) for SteamVR content in ultra-high resolution (up to 40 ppd).

Varjo XR-1: AH-64 Apache mixed reality by Bohemia Interactive Simulations. Unmodified real-time POV mixed reality footage from Varjo XR-1 Developer Edition. The video shows Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ AH-64 Apache cockpit-based XR solution that enables the pilot and co-pilot to interact with the physical cockpit while immersed in a synthetic environment generated by VBS Blue IG. In this video, you can see reality and the virtual simulation environment blending seamlessly together, while the pilot is able to see his/her hands on top of physical cockpit. This enables never-before-seen interactions in mixed reality.

Together, Volvo Cars and Varjo are literally driving the future by creating the world’s first mixed reality approach to evaluating prototypes, designs and active safety technologies. For the first time ever, Volvo Cars and Varjo have made it possible to drive a real car while wearing a mixed reality headset, seamlessly adding virtual elements that seem real.