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Synergy S&T is pleased to partner with a.i. solutions – the leading provider of products and engineering services that enable access to Space! Synergy is the Value-Added Reseller for the European Union of the leading space software US company.

FreeFlyer is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software application for space mission design, analysis, and operations. FreeFlyer stands out as the most powerful tool of its kind by providing users with a robust scripting language for solving all types of astrodynamics problems. FreeFlyer has been independently verified and validated for flight-tested, proven accuracy, and is used for spacecraft analysis and operations by NASA, NOAA, USAF, NRO, and commercial satellite providers.

The FreeFlyer astrodynamics software comes in two license tiers, Engineer and Mission. FreeFlyer Engineer is an ideal choice for mission design and analysis, including constellation design, sensor coverages, maneuver planning, Monte Carlo analyses, and more. FreeFlyer Mission adds the FreeFlyer Orbit Determination suite as well as the FreeFlyer Runtime API for integration into external applications and operational satellite ground systems.

FreeFlyer Use Cases

From future mission design and analysis to automated operations for tomorrow’s mega-constellations, FreeFlyer can be utilized in multiple ways to bring value to any space company or organization.

  • Model the full life cycle of a mission, from launch and orbit insertion to on-orbit operations and de-orbit
  • Perform trade studies to optimize mission design for constellations, sensor coverages, maneuver burn sequences, and more
  • Automate real-time or non-real-time orbit determination for any number of spacecraft simultaneously
  • Model potential space conjunctions and analyze data trends
  • Perform human-in-loop BMC2 and wargaming scenarios
  • Create live telemetry-fed FreeFlyer visualization displays to run 24/7 in Mission Operations Centers
  • Scale large computational jobs on HPC systems with multi-threading

FreeFlyer's Complete Astrodynamics Capability

  • Space Propagation
  • Coverage&Contact
  • Maneuvering&Targeting
  • Orbit Determination
  • Interplanetary Analysis
  • Output Options
  • FreeFlyer Script
  • External Interfaces

FreeFlyer's Flexible Integration

FreeFlyer offers flexible deployment options including customizable user interfaces, cross-platform support for Windows and Linux systems, and a dedicated API for integrating custom applications. Additionally, FreeFlyer-based ground systems can integrate with any 3rd party TT&C programs and external tools. It is scalable to accommodate growing and evolving mission requirements and provides an open framework to easily adapt for the automation of mission-unique functions.

FREE to University Students

  • FreeFlyer is one of the industry leaders in space mission design, analysis, and operations
  • FreeFlyer flies the ISS, TDRS, Landsat, many USAF/DOD satellites, and many other missions around the world
  • Students can get the same version of the software used for professional analysis FOR FREE
  • FreeFlyer is a state-of-the-art tool with a long flight heritage that will save time and enhance performance
  • FreeFlyer provides complete astrodynamics functionality with customizable interfaces, robust native MATLAB-like scripting language, and cross-platform
  • FreeFlyer has the most in-depth, capable, flexible visualization capability of any orbit mechanics software on the market.

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